Building Blocks of the Body: Fat Soluble Vitamins

VITAMINS are grouped into water soluble and fat soluble vitamins.

The fat soluble vitamins are Vit A, D, E, and K.

Whatever the body doesn’t use in a day is stored in the liver and adipose tissue (body fat).  Hence, with excessive consumption of any of these fat soluble vitamins, toxicity can develop as the body keeps storing the unused portion.  Essentially, the body is storing more than what it utilizes or releases via the feces.

Moreover, fat soluble vitamins require lipids (fats) to be absorbed in the intestinal tract.  Thus, even the most expensive vitamin supplements of Vit A, D, E, and K, will yield no benefit to the body if not taken with a meal containing lipids.

People with impaired fat metabolism may have difficulty absorbing fat soluble vitamins, and eventually develop mild to severe vitamin deficiency.

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