Homeopathy for Painful and Stiff Joints

Painful and stiff joints may be caused by acute or old injuries (even years later), viral or bacterial infections and autoimmune conditions, lack of movement or exercise, or poor nutrition.

People with painful or stiff joints may also experience symptoms such as perspiration, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and so forth.

Homeopathic remedies can bring relief to your painful and stiff joints.

Homeopathy addresses all conditions and/or symptoms that accompany joint pain and/or stiffness.  Every illness, including joint pain, is a unique process for every individual.  While major symptoms and causes are common to many people, their manifestation varies from person to person.

The homeopath is well trained in eliciting from the patient all the information needed to arrive at a unique symptom picture that covers not only the physical ailment but the emotional and mental state at the time of the ailment as well.

While homeopathic remedies are considered safe and are non-invasive, they may cause a temporary aggravation (exacerbation) of the complaint.  It is thus important that you consult a homeopath who is trained in prescribing and adjusting the remedy over time.

Below is a list of major homeopathic remedies helpful with painful and stiff joints.


  • after a sudden cold dry wind
  • red and swollen joints
  • worse at night
  • person is often fearful and anxious


  • rosy colored swollen joints
  • stinging pain; often in the knees or ankles
  • strains and sprains followed by edema (water retention) around the joint
  • joint feels tight and stiff


  • following an injury or overexertion
  • bruised feeling in tissues around the joint, such as the muscles, tendons, or ligaments
  • worse in cold damp weather
  • person is afraid of having limb jarred or bumped into


  • following an infection; fever
  • swelling and pain in joint
  • extremely sensitive to touch
  • hot, flushed face; dilated pupils
  • irritable; no thirst


  • chronic osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis
  • often in shoulders, upper back, or knee
  • recurring joint injuries of foot
  • worse in cold damp weather or before a storm
  • person is overly diligent to compensate for feeling easily overwhelmed


  • sacroiliac joint feels broken, sore, and stiff
  • joint and muscle pain when weather changes and after drafts of cold air


  • toes, fingers, and ankles in women with uterine or ovarian complaints
  • pain changes location every few minutes
  • achy wrists; cutting pain when clenching the fists
  • frequently, cracking joints when walking


  • pain worse in the evening or night, as well as in warm weather during the spring
  • joint pain moves around, and from one side of the body to the other
  • dark red and swollen joints
  • with gout, painful great toe
  • pain is unbearable and aggravated by the slightest movement


  • even though pain is worse in hot weather, it is alleviated with a hot compress
  • joint pain may alternate with bronchitis or asthma, or with stomach burning, or diarrhea
  • thick, sticky, yellowish discharge when having a cold
  • pain changes location quickly and repeatedly


  • pain begins in smaller joints of the foot and moves upward into larger joints
  • joint may feel cold but pain is relieved with a cold compress
  • susceptibility to ankle sprains and gout
  • painful soles of feet make standing or walking difficult


  • chronic muscle and joint pain
  • acute flare ups
  • pain often starts on the right side of the body and may move to the left side
  • person experiences many problems with digestion and flatulence (gas)


  • joint and bone pain with an infection such as sinusitis
  • foul smelling, green or yellow discharge
  • worse at night, accompanied by heavy perspiration
  • trembling of limbs, especially the hands
  • very sensitive to cold


  • pain worse in the evening and in bed
  • although person is chilled, prefers fresh cool air
  • pain moves around frequently
  • person is weepy and needs to be taken care of
  • pain improves with gentle movement


  • wrist and finger joints, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the vertebral joints of the back
  • worse with initial movement, better with sustained movement
  • person paces around restlessly
  • painful joint from issues with the tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue (fascia) around the joint
  • stiff, sore, tearing pains


  • carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain, sprained ankles, sore small of back, and ganglion on the wrist
  • painful joints, muscles, and tendons


  • joint pain in the nape of the neck, the right shoulder, or the left hip
  • stitching pain that moves around quickly
  • pain in joints and the muscles surrounding the joints


  • pain is worse when in warm bed, resting, sweating, or taking a warm bath/shower, at 11 am, or at night
  • pain improves in warm dry air
  • irritable, disorganized, and tendency to pontificate
  • lower back pain
  • stiff ankles or knees
  • hot sweaty soles of feet and hands

Energetic unwinding of the spine, joints & muscles is a gentle type of therapy that is particularly helpful for painful and stiff joints.

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