Homeopathy for Migraines and Other Headaches

HEADACHES are generally grouped into migraines, cluster headaches, and tension headaches.  However, the triggers and symptoms are numerous.

Homeopathy looks at all the symptoms that are specific for an individual, to arrive at the most tailor-made remedy possible.  By looking all at the symptoms that accompany a person’s headache, we get a clue as to what initiates the headache.

Homeopathic remedies have no side effects.  However, a person may temporarily experience an exacerbation of symptoms.  It is best to let a homeopath do the prescribing.  He/she is trained in the art of matching the symptoms of an individual with the appropriate remedy, as well as administer and monitor it.

 A sudden headache with no history of a previous headache like it may be caused by an aneurysm (bulging of an artery where the arterial wall is thinning; like a tire that’s ready to blow) in the brain and requires IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION.

Rupture of this aneurysm may result in permanent brain damage, or death.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of remedies for all types of headaches.  A homeopath looks not only at the quality of headaches but all the symptoms that may accompany it, including mood, mental function, food preferences, and responses to the environment.


  • sudden intense headache, often triggered by being exposed to dry, cold wind, or the hot sun
  • sensation of fullness, heaviness, pulsation, and heat inside the head
  • head feels like there’s a tight band around it
  • feelings of fear, apprehension


  • extreme irritability with desire or tendency to swear
  • sensation of a plug in the forehead, and side (temple) or back of the head
  • mental stress, coughing, and deep breathing increase the pain
  • relief after eating, or falling asleep


  • headache brought on by indigestion from eating fatty food, fruit, or candy, or drinking wine, as well as bathing or swimming
  • pain concentrated at the top of the head
  • may have white, thick coating of the tongue


  • throbbing, stinging pain, hot head
  • pain so intense, want to scream
  • pain relieved by cold compresses and tight pressure


  • emotionally driven by performance anxiety (test taking, job interviews, presentations)
  • coldness, trembling
  • pain on one side of the head, may radiate to eye socket and teeth
  • nausea, vomiting, taste of bile
  • pain alleviated by pressure on, or tight bandaging of, the head


  • headache from injury to head, with bruising and soreness
  • CAREFUL:  loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, and/or lapses in mental function require IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION


  • vascular headache (migraines) with throbbing, intense pain
  • extreme sensitivity to light (photophobia), sound (phonophobia), or movement
  • caused by too much exposure to sun, heat, dehydration in the sun, or heatstroke
  • face is flushed, pupils are dilated, sensitivity also to movement of air (draft, breeze)
  • pain lessens with warm compresses or wraps and pressure


  • bursting, splitting headaches, starting at the front of the head and moving to the back of the head and neck, shoulders, and back
  • irritable, must be left alone
  • nausea and feeling of fainting when sitting up
  • feeling parched, dry membranes inside mouth, dry tongue, desires lots of fluids
  • feels better is lying absolutely still


  • teenagers or children who are experiencing growth spurts
  • pain at top of the head
  • also at onset of first menses


  • children very irritable with pain
  • one pale, one red cheek
  • with cutting of teeth
  • vomiting of bile


  • teenagers and college students
  • from too much stress or work
  • pain drives them crazy
  • pain in eye socket moves up to the head, sharp pain
  • pain piercing the head from the back of the front, like a nail
  • sensation as if brain is opening and shutting close


  • vertigo (sensation of spinning) and nausea when riding in a moving vehicle
  • pain in back of head; back of head feels like it’s opening and closing; can’t bear to lie on back of head
  • bending head backward for relief
  • better with rest


  • onset of headache associated with great emotional stress and grief (loss)
  • pain sensation of nail going through the side of the head
  • pain relieved when urinating profusely



  • that’s your hangover headache, triggered by excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine
  • splitting headache in the morning, like a nail driven into top of head
  • nausea and vomiting occur often
  • pain increases when coughing, bending over, and eating


  • moving pain, to many different locations
  • early or late periods
  • feeling chilly but wanting to be in the fresh air
  • weepy and better when comforted by loved ones



  • from suppressed feelings of anger, as these feelings pile up and are not expressed
  • brain or head feels compressed, head feels hallow or wooden, sensation of ball of lead in forehead


  • pain worst between 3  am and 4 am, sometimes sever to the point of losing consciousness
  • piercing like a nail driven into head on left side


  • vascular headaches with high blood pressure or heatstroke
  • irritable, argumentative, wants to start a fight, potentially delirious
  • This is a potential emergency — seek immediate medical assistance

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