Homeopathy for Indigestion

Homeopathy addresses indigestion, whatever its source.  Be it heartburn (acid reflux), bloating, flatulence (gas), stomach pain or discomfort, abdominal cramping, or emotional upset such as anger, frustration, and anxiety.

Homeopathic remedies are specific to your type of indigestion.

The homeopath looks at everything that is going on for the person at the time of distress.  In the case of indigestion, he/she takes into consideration mental or physical fatigue, mental fogginess, emotional upset, irregular bowel movements (stools), food preferences, and so forth.

Everything matters.  Hence, a homeopathic remedy is specific for the type of indigestion experienced by any one person.

Homeopathic remedies have no side effects.  However, a person may temporarily experience an exacerbation of symptoms.  It is best to let a homeopath do the prescribing.  He/she is trained in the art of matching the symptoms of an individual t0 the appropriate remedy, as well as administer and monitor it.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of homeopathic remedies helpful with indigestion:


  • stomach pain worse after eating
  • pain burning and radiating in all directions
  • sensation of a lump in the stomach
  • indigestion may come on when fatigued or with performance anxiety, as well as during menstruation
  • bloating may be severe, belching difficult but powerful and providing relief


  • burning pit-of-stomach pain after eating; lots of heartburn
  • pain and heartburn relieved by small sips of warm drinks
  • often accompanied by anxiety and agitation, yet exhausted
  • chilly, fearful  person


  • pain in the pit of the stomach, as well as the mid-abdomen with sense of pressure or a weight on the stomach
  • sour belching, sour vomit
  • desires eggs, sweets, salt
  • infants and children (some adults) desire to eat non-foods such as chalk, coal, or pencils
  • person is easily overwhelmed, works extra hard to achieve


  • colics, build-up of intestinal gas
  • belching acidic, bitter, burning
  • colics may be caused by anger, irritation, irritability
  • useful for teething infants with red cheeks (or one cheek red, the other one pale)
  • sensations of stones inside stomach


  • indigestion while eating
  • fills full after eating little food
  • great amount of bloating/distention
  • indigestion worst between 4 and 8 p.m.
  • sour belching and vomit
  • burning throat from belching, sometimes for hours


  • driven, hard-working personality
  • excessive use of alcohol or coffee, heavy smoking
  • indigestion half an hour after eating
  • nausea with vomit of sour fluids
  • great need to pass gas or stool but not able to


  • indigestion after brooding; hide their feelings
  • heartburn after eating
  • sweating, palpatations, tremendous thirst, craving for salt
  • aversion to bread, oysters, fatty foods


  • cheerful, bubbly personality; loves people, social gatherings
  • burning sensation rising from the stomach to the troat and descending downward to the lower abdomen
  • acid reflux, food wanting to come back up the esophagus
  • easy bleeding in stomach with vomiting
  • burning sensation between shoulder blades
  • cold foods and drinks bring relief but are vomited back up as soon as they warm up in the stomach


  • mild, friendly personality; very loyal and attached to family and friends; weepy and sad when distressed
  • symptoms worse in the evening; briefly relieved by eating
  • sensation of fullness and heaviness in the stomach one to two hours after eating
  • excessive heartburn
  • putrid taste in the mouth in the a.m.; dry mouth but not thirsty


  • burning in the stomach, sour belching; heartburn
  • weak and faint at 11 am; must eat
  • if hungry, gets up at night to eat
  • favors alcohol and milk; milk increases symptoms
  • person in general loves to talk about his/her interests endlessly, may bore audience to tears or delight with his/her sharp intellect


  • indigestion after eating onions or fatty foods, or drinking tea
  • loss of appetite; dislikes potatoes and meat
  • has sensation of something alive in the stomach; no stomach pain
  • intestinal gas/bloating moves around to different areas

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Indigestion can also indicate problems with your spine.  Consider craniosacral therapy as a gentle way to heal from indigestion.