Homeopathy Can Support a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is experienced on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.   If a woman is healthy and well balanced on all these planes her chances of experiencing a healthy pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby are optimized.

However, circumstances are often beyond our control.  Personal relationships, work situations, finances, personal health, fears, anxieties, difficult past experiences, and so forth, may put stresses on a pregnant woman contributing to poor pregnancy and birth experiences.

A woman’s emotional well being contributes to a healthy pregnancy.

While general health care focuses on shoring up a woman’s physical health during pregnancy, most health professionals overlook the importance of tuning in to her many other concerns.  These concerns are equally important and have the power to weaken her immune system, impact her cardiovascular health, interfere with healthy digestion, suppress deep breathing for optimal oxygen intake, and result in muscular tension, discomfort, and pain.

Homeopathy takes into account all these variables.  A homeopath not only listens to all the concerns a woman might have during her pregnancy but also investigates how she responds to her environment.  He/she wants to know what stresses her and how does she respond to this stress.

The right homeopathic remedy can help a woman experience a healthy pregnancy.

The homeopathic remedy is a good match if it addresses her particular likes, dislikes, fears, joys, aches and pains, physiologic responses to the environment such as the climate, sunlight, or sound, as well her physical complaints such as digestive discomfort, difficulty breathing, musculoskeletal complaints, previous difficult pregnancies or miscarriages, as well as believes and perspectives that may affect how she experiences her pregnancy.

The homeopath takes into account the individual nature of your symptoms when choosing the remedy that best fits your needs.  While homeopathic remedies are noninvasive and safe, they may cause an aggravation of symptoms for a short time, requiring an adjustment in dosage and/or type of remedy by a homeopath.  

Thus, consult with a homeopath rather than self treat with homeopathic remedies.

Miscarriage at any time during the pregnancy is probably the most feared adverse event for most woman.  Therefore, I will list below homeopathic remedies that are known to help minimize the chance of a miscarriage.


  • weak uterine tone
  • previous miscarriage or threatened miscarriage
  • uterine prolapse
  • difficulty conceiving
  • frequent infections
  • uterine heaviness
  • nausea and/or vomiting
  • menses when not pregnant — pale, scanty, black clots, fatigue, weakness, anemia, confused, poor concentration, vertigo (room spinning), fainting


  • weak uterine tone
  • previous or threatened miscarriage
  • bleeding
  • uterine heaviness
  • severe uterine cramping
  • pain darting in all directions
  • trembling and weakness
  • feeling of exhaustion, mental fatigue, insomnia, and appetite loss after miscarriage
  • menses when not pregnant — early, heavy, long duration


  • threatened miscarriage in third month
  • cramping uterus with pain going from side to side and down the thighs
  • fainting spells
  • nausea
  • sense of bearing down, back ache
  • mental/emotional — doubles over with pain, cries out, and feels likes she’s going insane; deep depression and fear of something bad happening
  • menses when not pregnant — dark, clotted, irregular, offensive; pains worse as blood starts to flow


  • weak uterus
  • previous miscarriage
  • uterine prolapse, heaviness and/or soreness of uterus
  • malposition of fetus
  • discharge
  • mental/emotional — depressed, irritable, critical
  • feels worse when in open air or when applying pressure to womb


  • previous miscarriages in the first trimester; retained placenta
  • labor like pain
  • pain/pressure from sacrum to the pubic bone which becomes worse when moving or in a warm room but better when walking or in fresh air
  • mental/emotional — sensitive to music and noise
  • menses when not pregnant — bright red blood with clots, heavy bleeding, bleeding between menses


  • threatened miscarriage in the third month; retained placenta
  • accompanied by heavy flow of  watery oozing very dark blood
  • skin is cold, blue with cramps in fingers
  • feeling very weak
  • pushing pains bearing down
  • menses when not pregnant — excessive bleeding, blood is watery and dark, bleeding between menses (periods), icy cold skin but feels hot and wants to remove covers or clothing
  • generals — thin, weak, anemic, pale


  • miscarriage in fifth to seventh month
  • morning sickness
  • feels like there’s a ball in the uterus
  • severe pain bearing downward
  • uterine prolapse, fibroids
  • cannot bear fetus moving inside
  • severe itching in vulva; yellow discharge
  • symptoms worse in the morning and evening and in damp conditions
  • mental/emotional — chilly and exhausted, feeling worn out, weary, depressed, indifferent, averse to sex, desire to be alone

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