Homeopathy for Back Pain

Back pain may be caused by tense muscles of the back, inflamed joints between the vertebrae, degenerated or prolapsed vertebral discs, tumors of the spine, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, liver or gall bladder disease, and prostate cancer metastasized to the spine.

Back pain is most often caused by tense muscles of the back or pelvis.

Back pain due to tense back or pelvic muscles may be caused by emotional upset, difficult menstrual periods, indigestion, old or recent injuries (eg. whiplash injuries), medications, poor posture, weakness of the back muscles due to lack of exercise, overuse or improper use of the back or arm muscles, and so forth.

Back pain accompanied by tingling, numbness, weakness, pain radiating down the arm or leg, loss of bladder or bowel control, or fever warrants a trip to the doctor to rule out serious disease.

There are many homeopathic remedies to help you with your back pain.

Homeopathy has much to offer in addressing back pain due to tense muscles as described above.  Pain is a very personal experience.  It may be triggered or exacerbated by movement, changes in weather, a cold draft, emotions, and foods, as well as when sitting, standing, or laying a certain way.

The homeopath takes into account the individual nature of the pain when choosing the remedy that best fits your needs.  While homeopathic remedies are noninvasive and safe, they may cause an aggravation of pain for a short time, requiring an adjustment in dosage and/or type of remedy by a homeopath.

Below are several, but not all, homeopathic remedies frequently prescribed for back pain.


  • exposure to sudden cold, dry wind
  • numbness, stiffness; with neck pain


  • after injury or overexertion
  • bruised feeling
  • doesn’t want to be touched
  • worse with movement; better with rest and when lying down


  • back pain radiating into the abdomen, or radiating from the lower abdomen into the back
  • kidney stones or bladder infections


  • back feels tight as if back muscles are too short
  • may involve the neck; twisting it to one side
  • back pain with tightness down to the left hip
  • worse with damp, cold weather


  • often with menstrual cramps, PMS, or other uterine complaints
  • extreme aching in the lower back
  • often experience problems with joints


  • cramping pain in lower back radiating to the hips
  • comes on with extreme anger or rage that may be suppressed
  • better with hard pressure and heat applied to the back


  • injury to the spine (vertebrae) or coccyx (tailbone) with nerve pain
  • pain is extreme, making walking, sitting, or stooping difficult


  • back pain associated with bloating and flatulence (gas)
  • burning pain radiates up into the shoulder blades


  • low back pain with exertion or bending forward (stooping)
  • person is weepy and seeks consolation
  • although chilly, person feels better in fresh, cool air


  • pain in the deeper back muscles
  • pain is worse when starting to move, gets better with continued movement
  • back feels as if broken
  • better when bending backward, laying on a hard surface, or applying pressure to the area


  • problems with pelvis and uterus; feels as if pelvic organs want to drop out
  • bearing down sensation in the lower pelvis
  • low back pain and weak lower back
  • better when walking or exercising
  • may feel sudden hard pain as if being punched or hit by a hammer; pain relieved with hard pressure


  • back pain when standing for extended periods
  • pain improves with pressure and cold application
  • feels as if the vertebrae are sliding over each other


  • extreme sensitivity to the spine or along the spine
  • burning sensation along the spine
  • aching of the mid- to lower back
  • cannot bear being touched there
  • restless legs, difficult to control restlessness

Also consider Energetic unwinding of the Spine, Joints, and Muscleswhich is a therapy that combines craniosacral therapy with acupressure and soft tissue work.  While exceedingly gentle, it can do wonders for resolving most types of back pain.