Homeopathy for Allergies

Allergies are the red flags that signal that the body’s immune system is overburdened with foreign particles, be they airborne, in the soil, or in the foods and drinks we consume.

The symptoms of allergies manifest as skin rashes, runny noses, watery eyes, itchy ears and anus, nausea, vomiting, irregular bowel movements, general aches and pains, fatigue, irritability, mental fog, and so forth.

Consult a homeopath for allergy relief.

The homeopath looks at all the symptoms experienced during an allergy attack, and in between, to arrive at a homeopathic remedy that matches the symptom picture most closely.

To find a good remedy match, the homeopath also looks at how you feel mentally, emotionally, how you respond to heat, cold, light, stress, and so forth.  Homeopathy is truly holistic in that all of you matters not just a few symptoms that are common to many people.

Homeopathic remedies have no side effects.  However, a person may temporarily experience an exacerbation of symptoms.  Hence, it is best to let a homeopath do the prescribing.  He/she is trained in the art of matching the symptoms of an individual t0 the appropriate remedy, as well as administer and monitor it.

Homeopathic remedies to treat allergies.

ALLIUM CEPA ( onion)

  • burning, stinging, and swelling of they eyes, as well as sensitivity to light
  • profuse watery discharge from the eyes and nose; also running down the throat, making it feel raw
  • the discharge irritates the nose but not the eyes
  • headache in the back of the head or in the sinuses is common
  • person generally feels better in the fresh, cool air


  • tears are hot and sting; eyes are extremely sensitive to light
  • watery nasal discharge alternating with nasal congestion; upper lip is irritated from the discharge
  • person is generally very chilly but likes cool air around the head
  • person is very thirsty for warm fluids but takes only small sips
  • feelings of anxiety, restlessness, and mental agitation
  • damp or wet weather aggrevate the symptoms
  • symptoms become worst between midnight and 2 am


  • rawness and burning of the roof of the mouth, palate, and lips
  • chapped lips,and  raw, cracked corners of the mouth with lots of saliva production
  • discharge from the nose creates skin sores that crust over on the right side of the nose
  • person feels compelled to pick at these sores to the point of bleeding
  • face feels chapped; cold and wet winds or drafts irritate; so does a heated room, or lying down
  • nasal congestion


  • itching and burning of the eyes and inside the ears, as well as the nostrils
  • tremendous itching at the roof of the mouth
  • loss of, or diminished sense of, smell
  • lots of sneezing


  • watery eyes, that itch and burn, with mucus sticking to them
  • profuse thin, watery discharge of the nose that does not irritate the nose or upper lip
  • sneezing often, more so at night
  • symptoms are aggrevated by sunlight and wind


  • generally feels overwhelmed, has performance anxieties, and fearful of bad news
  • copious, burning discharge of the nose, forceful sneezing, tingly nose
  • hot face, slight fever, dull headache
  • eye lids heavy, difficult to keep open
  • mucus membranes are dry but there is no thurst
  • chill running up and down the spine (not always)


  • red tip of the nose, copius burning watery discharge
  • sinus pain and head pain as the nose becomes plugged up
  • irritability and anxiety with the pain
  • feeling cold alternates with feeling hot


  • craving for salt
  • symptoms are worst between 9 am and 11 am
  • symptoms improve in the fresh air, and when taking a cool bath or shower
  • dry mouth with frothy covering of the tongue, especially around the edges
  • copius watery nasal discharge for about 3 days, then nose becomes stuffy


  • runny nasal discharge during the day, stuffy nose at night and outdoors
  • itching of the throat, larynx (voice box), trachea, and eustachian tubes
  • staying up late into the night because of the allergies
  • chilly and irritable
  • drawn out sneezing spells when first awakening


  • excessive sneezing with runny nose, sometimes leading to nosebleeds and headaches
  • severe frontal headache (sinuses),
  • very sensitive to smell of apples
  • itchy roof of mouth, relieved by rubbing tongue over it
  • feeling chilly


  • dry hacking cough
  • lots of sneezing, no discharge from nose, crusting over in evenings and at night
  • feeling like floating in the air

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